Zoom Backgrounds to Transport you Outdoors

Whether you’re joining Zoom for work, to celebrate a birthday, host a happy hour or enjoy a game night, video conferencing is keeping us all connected with our coworkers, family, and friends. Add some adventure by bringing the San Diego Bay to your virtual calls with our Flagship virtual backgrounds. Take a thrill-ride on our Patriot Jet Boat, a cruise along the scenic bay, or explore below deck all right from the comfort of your home. Whichever background you choose it’s a fun way to mix it up or spruce up a messy space. The only thing missing will be the bay breeze, but if you crack a window or turn on a fan you may be able to feel it!

To download the Virtual backgrounds and customize your video experience on Zoom:

  1. Download the free backgrounds below.
  2. After you jump into a zoom call navigate to the “stop video” icon in the bottom left corner of the window. Click the arrow to the right of it and select “Choose a virtual background.”
  3. Upload as many backgrounds or all of them to give yourself some options and choose the one you want to use.

Share a screenshot of your favorite on social media and use the hashtag #FlagshipSD!