Team Building Cruises

Exceptional company outings can energize an organization. A shared experience outside the office fosters bonding and camaradarie which can boost morale, productivity and job satisfaction. In a city as vibrant and inspiring as San Diego, why do so many companies miss the boat?

See the Big Picture

Flagship team-building cruises embody everything we love about San Diego — the postcard views, perfect weather, and the exhilirating feeling of being outdoors. We invite you to take your team out on the water for a refreshing break and to remind them why we love working in San Diego.

The Venue Is Everything

We own the finest fleet of ships in San Diego. With flexible floor plans and limitless amenities and comforts at your disposal, we are the ideal venue for team building events in San Diego.

  • Great environment to socialize
  • Locally owned business
  • During work or after hours
  • State-of-the-art AV and meeting facilities on board
  • WiFi Internet
  • Family friendly
  • Onboard ice-breakers including putt-putt golf

Get in Touch!

Have a question about Flagship Cruises team building events? We'd love to learn more about your team and your goals. Give us a chance to earn your business.