Are you tired of the same old boring office party ideas and looking for fun company party ideas that will get everyone mingling and having a good time? If so, then check out this list of five fun office party ideas that are sure to be a hit.

1. Hold Competitions

Competitions are a great way to encourage camaraderie and to help pull people out of their shells, especially if the competitions are fun and exciting. Hold a mini-Olympics or have an office decorating contest by department. Award fun prizes to the winners. 

2. Host a Theme Party

Nothing says fun like hosting a theme party, and the theme options are endless. Host a luau, a 70s party or a favorite book character party. Choose a theme that correlates with your office or the time of year, or choose a theme that is completely random but lots of fun. It's up to you!

3. Make it a Charity Event

Hosting a charity event is a great way to help your employees band together as they work towards a shared cause. You could hold a food drive for a local homeless shelter or collect coats for local school children in need. Plan a 5K or organize a bake-off. Give the proceeds to charity.

4. Make it a Surprise Party

If you have something to celebrate, such as a milestone birthday, a retirement or the closing of a big deal, why not make your office party a surprise party? People love planning surprise parties, and doing something nice for someone in your office is sure to warm all of your employees' spirits. 

5. Take Your Employees on a Cruise

For a company party that is easy yet sophisticated, how about taking your employees on a cruise? Everyone will love the gourmet meals, the dancing, the beautiful scenery and the live entertainment. Plus, when you cruise with Flagship Cruises & Events, Flagship's dedicated party planners make throwing a noteworthy event easy. 
Whether you are throwing a small company party or a large extravaganza, let Flagship's dedicated party planners help you make sure that the event goes well. Give us a call today to see how we can help you implement any of these five great ideas or any others!